Stone Fireplaces, Firepits & Pizza Ovens

Stone fireplaces and fire pits are the focal points of living rooms and outdoor spaces. They’re rustic, elegant, and inviting. They not only keep you warm in those colder winter months but also add a cozy feeling to one’s home. Stone fireplaces increase the value of your home and stand the test of time.

Stone Fireplace Designs

  • Solid Stone Fireplace
  • Stone Veneer
  • Decorative Fireplace Surround

Backyard Fireplace: Why limit your fireplace placement to the indoors? They’re most needed when sitting outdoors for warmth and comfort. They also make wonderful accents to your outdoor entertaining area.

  • Transform your living space
    Make guests feel at home
    Opt for a seamless design with a stone fireplace integrated into a stone wall
  • Hand-Crafted Wood Fired Brick Pizza Ovens for Outdoor Kitchens

Fire Pit: Create a campfire setting with a circular stone fire-pit. Solid stone will give your fire pit the necessary structure needed to last for the long term. Natural stones such as Sandstone, Basalt, and granite are ideal materials for a fire pit because they are durable and maintenance free due to their inherent strength. They can also withstand high temperatures.

Fireplace Surround: These are mantels and hearths that line the edges of your fireplace. Some buildings require them to comply with local and national codes.

Building Materials we ise for our Stone Fireplaces:

  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Basalt

Sandstone Fireplace/Sandstone Chimney

Sandstone is an unbeatable natural stone material for fireplaces and chimneys. These stones offer a classic style and are perfect for indoor or outdoor fireplaces because of their hard-wearing properties, durability, and ability to be cut and shaped to almost any design.

Wood fired Pizza ovens

Australia’s warm climate and our love for outdoor living is a perfect fit for woodfired ovens.
The ability to cook outside will give any gathering something special your guest will want to keep coming back for again and again! Byron Shire Stonemasonry offers both design and construction services of pizza ovens, from the traditional Italian oven to unique modern designs that will be the focal point to any backyard.

Stone Veneer

Our natural stone veneers are made from genuine stones quarried from the earth. Compared to manufactured stone veneers, they are more durable, visually authentic, and lower maintenance. They’re excellent for vertical construction and are easy to clean and maintain.

Be it a gas or electric fireplace, fire pit, or slow combustion wood heater, natural stones are fit for any type of fireplace. Made of the highest quality material, they make for excellent maintenance free wall surrounds to any fireplace.

They can withstand incredibly hot temperatures, are the sturdiest possible fireplace material, and are easy to clean and maintain.

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