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Natural Stone Home Construction & Feature Walls

When it comes to building a home for your family, the material you use matters a lot. Stone is considered one of the most robust and valuable construction materials available. A stone house offers an irresistible charm, a feeling of timelessness and unparalleled durability.

Using stone as a building material for your home is a long lasting investment, because of its durability, stone requires no maintenance and will look amazing for a lifetime if not for hundreds of years.

Experts at Byron Shire Stone Masonry use sustainable natural stone to build lasting homes in Byron Bay and the surrounding areas, including Gold Coast, Lennox Head, Yamba, Tweed Heads, and more.

Types of Masonry Stones

We work with many types of stones, including sandstone, limestone, marble, basalt, and granite. These masonry stones have different construction applications depending on their properties, colors and textures. Some stone types, such as granite and basalt, have superior features, including high compression strength and durability, making them ideal for construction works. Sandstone and limestone are ideal building stones because of their versatility and relative ease of cutting and shaping. All the building stones we work with are perfect for the construction of sleek modern designs through to classic and heritage style homes.

  • Granite – If you’re looking for brilliant building stones, be sure to consider granite. Granite is a sustainable choice that provides a wide range of finishes, hardness, and high resistance to heat, moisture, and extreme durability.
  • Sandstone – It has high compression strength and is widely used in masonry works and stonewalling. Sandstone is great for cutting and shaping to suit any style of home construction.
  • Basalt – This is a perfect choice for building as it is one of our local stones, with extreme durability, a natural rustic look and lovely earthy tones.
  • Limestone -Byron Shire Stone Masonry can supply and build using limestone quarried in Australia. This stone is very versatile for building and looks amazing used in Mediterranean inspired homes through to sleek contemporary designs.

Why Choose Byron Shire Stone Masonry to Construct Your Home?

  • Superior home construction services
  • We use the most durable, high quality, and sustainable natural stones
  • We offer creative construction solutions that ultimately improve the resale value of your property.
  • We build structures that provide elegance and attractive rustic appeal to your home.

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It’s everybody’s dream to own a well-designed home to provide the necessary comfort for their family. At Byron Shire Stone Masonry we work with you to build the home of your dreams.

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