Retaining Walls


Garden & Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure designed to support soil laterally, retaining it at different levels on two sides. Retaining walls are designed to hold up ground that would otherwise drift down. They can prevent soil erosion, structural damage, and flooding. Stone walls are a great cost effective way of retaining soil whether it’s to stop erosion or create lovely garden beds for planting.

Retaining walls serve various other purposes, such as landscaping features, separating your outdoor and indoor living spaces, or pure aesthetics. Design a beautiful outdoor space with our high-quality natural walling stone materials, such as Basalt, Granite and Sandstone.

At Byron Shire Stone Masonry, we specialise in all types of natural stone and finishes.

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone adds texture and depth to indoor and outdoor living spaces. It pairs well with contemporary architecture or in garden spaces. Stone is an environmentally friendly alternative to many building materials, as they are natural, low impacting and long-lasting. Add a rustic, timeless feature wall to a design in your home or backyard with natural stone.

  • Natural Stone walling types
  • Dry Stack Field Stone walling
  • Mortared joint rubble walling
  • Dimensional stone ashlar


Quality sandstone is a practical and beautiful stone for building walls. It is elegant and timeless, it’s appearance can be a traditional and classic look, whilst also working great with modern contemporary architecture. Sandstone ages well, taking on a beautiful patina over many years.


  • Versityle
  • Easy to cut and shaped
  • Local options available
  • Classic look


Basalt is a volcanic stone that is found in abundance around the Byron Shire and has definitely become part of the local building vernacular. Because of its local availability it is a great choice for people wanting to build with environmental principles in mind. Our stonemasons hand select the stone with great care before taking it to site to create extremely durable and timeless feature walls for landscaping, fireplaces, gateways and house cladding.


  • Durable
  • Rustic natural look
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective

Other Local Igneous stones

The diorite and syenite in the Tweed and Byron Shires are equally as durable as Basalt but offer great alternatives with different colours and textures for a variety of uses. These stones are perfect for use when landscaping as garden walls, with lichen and moss growing on them readily, complementing your plantings to make wonderful outdoor spaces. The great inherent strength and durability of these volcanic stones make them perfect for home construction or cladding of feature walls to add something special to any project.

From retaining and feature walls to cladding an entire building, our refined stone masonry skills will leave you with a beautiful accent to your home and garden that will stand the test of time. Get in touch with the earth with rustic natural stone, experience nature’s perfect building material and get creative with an environmentally friendly product that will look amazing not only in ten years but for a lifetime. Contact us today for a free quote.

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