Natural Stone Sculptures

The art of sculpture is arguably the greatest and most enduring fine art known to humanity. Sculpturing has become a significant influence on the evolution and development of western culture. In Australia, sculpture plays a major role in demonstrating cultural evolution as well as serving as an attraction element. Undoubtedly, public art has become part of our culture, and it seems more popular now than ever.

At Byron Shire Stone Masonry, we create outstanding, visually appealing sculptures with the ability to transform your entire space into a piece of exclusive art. Stone is a perfect medium for sculpture and the possibilities are endless. We use different types of sculpting methods to achieve our high-quality artwork.

  • Stone carving – Most of our sculptures are made through stone sculpting. We use various stone types, including marble, granite, sandstone, and limestone, to create impressive sculptural work. The type of stone you choose depends on your needs, preferences, location, and budget. However, it is essential to remember that some materials work better than others, sandstone and marble are both excellent for sculpture.
  • Letter cutting – We also take pride in carving and drawing letters onto the stone. Our letter-cutting designs are inspired by creativity and imagination, and we strive to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients. We cut letters of different shapes and sizes to fit any layout.
  • Art installation – Besides stone shaping and letter cutting, we also specialise in public art installations. We create masterpieces that can help transform any space into a customised, immersive, and interactive environment. We also craft site-specific installations for museums, galleries, and rooms of any size.
  • Engraving – We also specialise in engraved stone monuments. We can add a personalised message, photo, or graphic into any stone.

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