Natural Stone Steps

Stone steps are a simple yet unique way to add a natural touch to your landscaping. Stone stairs can work perfectly on home entryways, walkways, gardens, and pool entries. Stone will not dent, bend, warp, or splinter, meaning outdoor elements like rain and sleet will not affect it. Additionally, stone step treads are anti-slip and relatively less expensive than other materials when you consider that they will last a lifetime. Because natural stone is strong and durable, they require almost no maintenance.

At Byron Shire Stone Masonry, we specialise in many types of natural stone and finishes, including Australian sandstone and limestone. Our natural stone options also come in various colours, styles, and sizes, so finding what suits your home’s aesthetics is easy.

Which Natural Stones Are Perfect for Steps?

Sandstone, granite, basalt and limestone can all make impressive landscape steps. The finish, type, and colour of the stone you choose will depend on your preferences and exterior aesthetics needs.

  • Stepping stones – Can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are used to create a natural stone pathway in any outdoor setting such as gardens and walkways.
  • Dimensional stone – Stone can be cut to form solid treads to create a beautiful and functional stairway.
  • Rubble building stone – We use hand selected field stone to build rustic stairways that are perfect for your garden.

Use Byron Shire Stonemasonry to Design Your Home’s Exterior Stairs

Steps are an excellent way to define and create a statement in your exterior décor. At Byron Shire Stone Masonry, we will use the best natural stone options to make a unique, lasting impression on your property. Please contact us today to set up a consultation and get a free quote.

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